We are who we are because of the internet.

Audio Production

I provide top of the line audio production for a variety of projects. I’ve recorded with musicians to engineering live productions. I can help you start, produce, and edit your podcast.Or just help your track voice-overs. If it’s one thing I don’t skimp on its audio.

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Creative Services

If you need a website to start your small business or your professional writing career, I can do that. Need to get a special graphic or image to promote your next big event or product launch? I’ve got you covered. Any sort of creative work that’s needed to take your personal project, small company, or event to the next level — I’m here to help.

Video Production

My specialty is video production. I focus on telling the story no matter the equipment. Kickstarter launch videos, music videos, short films, website welcome videos I’ve done it all. From pre to post production whatever the project by the end, you’ll have something worth sharing.

Start learning how to be more creative

No better time than to start now.

Getting started in the creative space can be hard. What camera should I buy? What CMS should I use to start blogging? All these questions and more will be answered on my blog.

Who is Danny Rubio

I’m a content producer based in Memphis, Tenn. I work at a local news station by day and a freelancer by night. If I’m not writing a new post, shooting and editing a new video. You’ll either find me with my family or be helping my fellow man get to know the plan of happiness.

Video production
Audio Production
Motion Graphics
Social Media Manager

Everyone has a story to tell

I have been inspired by a variety of creators and content. If you have a small business or have ever desired to start creating content online but have been held back for fear of failure. I’d like to help. Everyone can create content online and no matter the type, market, or subject no one is as unique as you so why not start now. If you have questions or need some pointers. I’d love to chat with you and help you out in any way I can.