Year: 2015

What Consistency?

The Struggle There is this large disconnect for me, and as a content creator it really hinders me. Being consistent. I feel like Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to consistency. My Jekyll has the fiery passion to just go ham on my creative endeavors. To spend every waking hour creating, improving, and planning is […]

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Why I Create.

# Why Do It? I’m beginning to define and explore the difficult question of why I create and why I particularly want to become a better writer. Here are some of my initial and incomplete thoughts: Writing is one of the most important skills that I could have at this time. It’s something that we […]

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Start Creating

Every morning we tell ourselves the same thing. I’m going to start today. We sit around watching, reading, listening to those who inspire us. Those who make us want to follow our dreams because they are following theirs. Then the day begins and all of that just drifts away with the wind of everyday life […]

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