Business Profiles

This video was made to help the Uintah Fire Department for their marketing efforts. It was a fun project that allowed my team and me to showcase the exciting and rewarding feelings that come from being a Volunteer firefighter.

The best part about working with small businesses is delivering the end product to them. Whatever it may be, receiving something that once was an idea and now is a reality will always be rewarding

Music Videos

I had the great pleasure of working with Hylian. A local band here in Ogden, Ut. They were a pleasure to work with. They contacted me to make a music video for their song Skeletons. If you are a fan of punk rock bands that have some screamo in them. You should really check them out.

Blog and Email Videos

Take your website home page to the next level by adding a welcome video. I can help you make it as simple or as exciting as you’d like, just like I did for Nicole Carpenter and her website

Got an email list? Increase your conversation rate with quality video content. Dee Brown is a former professional baseball player for the Kansas City Royals. I’ve recently helped him add some media content to his email campaign. Here is the video I did for him.

Event Highlight Reels

Event, parties, vacations, are a blast but they are just memories to discuss with your coworkers and friends after it’s done. That’s why having a highlight reel of your next event is crucial. Why not capture all of it in a short and energetic video that can be shared among the attendees after the fact.

Here are few of my personal examples