Everybody loves movies, and I hope you’ll take some time and check out some of these short films I’ve helped produce and make. I’ll be updating this when I create more content. Read about my current projects I’m working on by checking out my blog.

Hungry Hungry Hobos

Hungry, Hungry Hobos was produced by Studio76 for the International 72 Hour Film festival. It’s about the secret world of Bums and how the homeless pecking order works.[

Nerds in Love

This was the first short film I ever produced for a 48 Hour Film Projects. This was the film that made me realize that the entire movie making process was what I lived for.

The journey of making a film is hard. The end product is always magical and well worth it. This film took home audience favorite, best use of line, and best writing.

The Break Up

This was the very first sketch I ever made. It’s not the best work, but it solidified in my mind that I could do this whole “filmmaking thing.” For me, that was a big deal, and I’m still proud of.