Telling stories about community have been around since people could paint them in their caves. Today we do it through written stories, photos, and videos. I really enjoy the opportunity I have to tell stories of people and events here in Memphis. Here are just a few of the things I’ve done

Social Video

I work for WREG News Channel 3 in Memphis. A lot of the work I do is creating videos for our social on stories we’ve covered. Here are just a few of those videos.

Spotlight Packages

While I was working at The Signpost  Weber State. I worked with one of the photographers on Athlete Spotlights.

We decided to focus on athletes because the sports section had been doing something similar and we realized that there were some awesome student athletes and we wanted to give them a little more love. Bellow is a playlist of a current list. After the break is a Student Spotlight that we tried out as well.

Community Packages

Our individual communities are the life blood of the city. You not only meet amazing people and stories but businesses and locations also have unique stories to tell. I love when I get a chance to tell community stories at WREG.

Everyone has a story to tell which is why when I get the chance to tell that story it’s always a good day. I’ve covered a variety of these videos. From local businesses to amazing people starting new chapters of their lives.

Other Packages

Sometimes you need to make packages that help inspire you to get out and take more risks in your productions. These packages may not be the most viewed but they were the most impactful to me. It may have stretched my creative muscle or it was just a personally fun video to make.

These packages often remind me why I got into production in the first place.

360 Content

The world of video is constantly changing. Cameras are more powerful. Drones are cheaper and 360 content has become the new craze. Although it’s still really early to tell if 360 will become as mainstream as drones. It is pretty amazing to be able to tell such unique stories. I have been able to work on some 360 content at WREG. Each time it has been an adventure trying to find a new way to use the medium.

Here are just a few examples.