What I Use

What I Use

What camera should I get? How do you make websites? What video editing software do you use? Etc...

Every creative has the tools that they reach for daily. It's the things that help us make what we do possible. Over the years I've found that many people always ask the same question to me when they are also starting out.

Well this page is dedicated to answering all those questions plus where to get them.

The essentials


I use a 2019 16" MacBook Pro as my daily driver. The biggest reason is because they make final cut pro x but it also helps that they make great products that I enjoy using.


My main camera of Choice is the 3-year-old Panasonic Gh5 the Panasonic S5. This is a light, very capable, workhorse of a camera. If you're looking to be gorilla filmmaker this is the camera of choice. If you ask me.


I use Final Cut Pro X as my video edit of choice. I love this app. It has not only helped change the way I think about editing but also saved me thousands of dollars. I'm occasionally asked to use Premiere Pro and I do but when given the choice #fcpx4Life.

Audio Gear

When working on audio only projects, podcasts, or just having a remote meeting. I can't live without the Scarlet 2i2, Rode Pod-Mic, and Blue Compass boom arm.

Music Licensing

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As a video professional the only other thing that is essential for creating any sort of video content is having good copyright free music and sound FXs. I've used all sorts of services from Musicbed, Epidemic Sound, and Sounsripe. The one I've settled on and love is Artlist.io. I have the music and sfx licensing because you never know when you need a good sound fx. I also love that they're license covers everything. YES EVERYTHING.

The Full Break Down


The Non-Creative Tools I Use

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External Monitor

I used to be a dual-monitor setup guy but since I started using the 34-inch LG ultrawide display I don't think I'll ever go back. Being able to have my entire NLE spread out but when necessary I can easily add the script one side but still have plenty of space for editing.

Keyboard and Mouse

For the first four and a half years of making videos I only used my MacBook no external tools. Eventually the trackpad become my number one options for navigating my computer. If I was using a desktop computer, I had to get the Magic Trackpad because using a mouse felt so wierd. Like many I began getting wrist pains and so I investigated options and settled on the Logitech MX-ergo. Plus, because I have multiple device that use, I decided to couple my MX-ergo with the Logitech MX Keys.

External Drives

I've never been very picky on hard drives and so I often carry around some Seagate 2tb hard drives with a USB-3 to USB-c connector. For work and long-term storage, I got a friend's old Pegasus 2 R4 raid, but I'd recommend OWC Thunderbay 6 if I were getting a new one.


I use some simple Creative Speakers I got off Amazon. This is mostly for when I'm listening to music or some video not for editing.


My on the go headphones of choice are the Apple AirPods. When working on my MacBook or office I use the Sony WH-CH700N Noise Canceling headphones.


The Nerdy Tools I Use

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Apple Creative Suite

As mentioned above I use Final Cut Pro as my main NLE but I also use Motion, Compressor, and Logic Pro. All four of these apps are fantastic tools and have been awesome to work with. Plus, I only had to pay for them once. I will say that Motion is the least appreciated but is amazing tool and I think everyone should give it a shot.

Password Manger

If you're not using a password manager, you need to stop and get yourself one right now. My wife and I chose to go with LastPass a great free option with a fantastic family plan. Other great options are Enpass, 1Password, and Dashlane.

Adobe Products

Despite being a hardcore Apple fanboy, I enjoy me a good adobe product every once and awhile. Mostly Adobe XD and Adobe Audition.


I use VScode a fantastic code editor. Recently I made the decision to focus my development skills on PHP. Why? It just felt like the language I understood the best and the Laravel community has been awesome. For my terminal I use Hyper.

  • Theme and Icon: Material theme and icon (MATERIAL ALL THE THINGS!)


I use Ghost for my personal blog but WordPress for my client sites. I love the new block editor and it's flexibility

  • WP-Hosting: I use Flywheel for personal sites because they have some great customer service and tools. For clients who don't want to manage their hosting and want me to I use SiteGround. For those who are cheap I send them to EasyWP.
  • Premium Plugins: I have Advanced Custom Fields and Qubely Blocks
  • Favorite theme right now: Blocksy

Mac Apps I Can't Live Without

Here is a list of apps I install on every mac I use: