I believe everyone deserves a website to share their own personal voice, passions, hobbies, or just keep a personal record. That site might become the start of your entrepreneurial journey. But creating that website can be daunting and stressful. 

confused math GIF by CBC
Trust me we have all been confused when getting a website set up.

How I can Help

I can help you understand everything you need to and get a site up and running. From hosting to where to share your posts and everything in between. 

I am here to help you not only get things put together but teach you the important stuff you need to  know to do it. 

Stuff I’ll can help do

  • Getting a domain name
  • Teach you what a CMS is
  • How to find the proper hosting
  • Getting set up properly
  • And much more

There are so many options to create a website out there and I’ve used several of them. I’m willing to help you get your site up and running using whatever you would prefer, but in my opinion, the best option is WordPress.

Let me help you get online

There is no better time than the present.

Why I Love WordPress

Just under 5 years ago I began really working on my own website. It was a place for me to archive my work and share my thoughts and the things I learn. I tried several ways to do this and I always came back to WordPress.

Since then I’ve helped put together several sites using WordPress. It’s core belief to democratize publication is something I  strongly believe in. I also love that it has the capability to bring whatever vision a person has to reality in their own personalized way. 

Why consultant and not developer?

Although I know how to code enough to figure things out and get them to work. I’ve not fully published something that I’ve made from scratch to finish. I’ve used plugins and tweaked small parts of code here and there. It would be a disservice to say I could do something only a developer can do. 

My journey to becoming a full-stack developer is well on its way and so I’ll be able to do more for you soon.